Postal Rate Increase

Postal rates went up Jan 21st

The cost of a stamp is now 50 cents—it seems costs increase a penny in many categories. Presorting your first-class mail—bundling by zips per postal regulations—can save you over 50% for your letters weighing 3 to 3.5 ounces.

Nonprofit mailers can see a decrease in larger sized mail, mailed in higher densities—so if you want to mail an 8.5 x 11 newsletter to folks in your local vicinity, such as all households in 15217 (Squirrel Hill), you will see a 7% DECREASE—22.7 cents from 24.4 cents each.

The increases are highest for mailing packages weighing 7-15.99 ounces. The USPS is pretty much your only option and a bargain for packages—think padded envelopes—that weigh under 1 pound.

For instance, mailing a 7- ounce package now costs $3.05 up from $2.77—but still way less than using Fed Ex or UPS whose rates start at 1 pound, usually a min of $7 or Priority mail which is now a min of $6.70.

I pulled this information from an article by Adam Lewnberg, who did a wonderful summary in Mailing Systems Technology.