Your list is a gold mine!

Your List—whether it be your customers, clients, donors, prospects… IS your Gold mine

Be sure to create and refine your mailing list to ensure you reach your target audience!

If you have your own list be sure to keep it updated—it’s estimated that 3-4% of the population moves every month.

Run your list through our NCOA—national change of address– and other software to clean it up and remove undeliverable addresses.

DMS will append your records with Return Codes that indicate whether there was a move in the past 18 months, what the new address is if available or whether their address is missing vital information for deliverability.

We can also append information to your list such as emails and phone numbers, where available.

If you are building a list, keep each piece of information such as first name, last name, street address, in separate fields so you can sort the database later. You can add fields such as y/n to receive newsletter or other notations about that record….and remember to back it up/store it safe—it is very valuable!

Identify & target your audience

If you want to reach all in a neighborhood or area….

–Occupant/Resident list for all of the mailing households and/or businesses cost is as little as 1 cent per record

If you wanted to reach specific residents, there are several consumer databases that offer more details such as age, income or presence of children, home value, mortgage loan info and many other details…

For one client to promote Kindergarten registration, the list targeted households in Allegheny County with presence of children ages 4 or 5 years old.

For specific educational offerings, lists of individuals can be selected who have completed high school, college or graduate school. In addition, specific occupations and income levels can be selected.

Or we can reach a very unique and specific set of folks, such as theatre goers. There is a list of those folks—and within that list there were 2400 that identify with the LGBT community

So think about your list! It is worth mining!