Equipped and experienced in large volume mailings-
   • Ink jet addressing
       2 machines providing timely production turnaround

Data Management:
Preparing your files for optimal mail results
   • National Change of Address—NCOA Processing
   • CASS certify for automation discount
   • Merge files and list source
   • De-dupe of lists
   • Deceased file processing
   • List Profiling and regression analysis for prospecting
   • Email appending of in-house lists

Laser personalization- state of the art Xerox, offering:
   • Blue and black variable data capabilities
   • In-line Duplexing
   • Variety of paper weights and sizes

Automated Wafer sealing

Automated Pre-cancelled or First Class stamp affixing

Automated Folding

Machine inserting (and sealing) of envelope sizes:
   • #10
   • 6x9
   • 9x12

Postal metering (and sealing)
   • 2 machines offering greater efficiency

Hand work, full-time, on-site, experienced staff offering:
   • matching projects
   • kit packing
   • packet assembly

Binder Assembly; Spiral & GVC Comb Bind
• Including Copying and collation
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