Working with multiple sources to obtain the best list at the
best price

Mailing list Research & Acquisition
Identify and obtain the best prospects for your needs at
optimal pricing

Geography:  search by carrier route, zip, city, county, MSA,
 state, region, country or by radius for any of the following

Occupant Data
All households and/or businesses with mailing addresses;
rental at 1 cent per record

Consumer Database, rental starts at 3 cents per record
   • Household information includes: age, income, homeowner
     vs. renter, home value, presence of children, presence of
     seniors, length of residence
   • Individual information such as DOB, occupation, Net
     Worth, Ethnicity, Religion
   • Home/Dwelling information such as home purchase date,
     available home equity
   • Interests or hobbies
   • Credit & Buying Activity
   • Health
   • Life stages, such as recently married or new parent  
   • Vehicle information such as make and year

Businesses, rental starts at 6 cents per record
Sort by: Employee size; Sales volume; SIC (industry classification)
            Contact names, titles available

Specialty Lists:

   • New Movers
   • New Homeowners
   • Property Data
   • Professionals: Nurses, Engineers, Physicians, Attorneys,
     Teachers, Young Professionals, etc.
   • Business Email Network, emails by job function
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