Successful Direct Mail
Be Clear about the Who, What, and How
   • Target your audience and your message
   • Have a clear call to action
   • Make it easy to respond
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Mailing List Tips:

   • The USPS requires certification of ongoing maintenance of your lists in order
      to get the discounted mail rate.
   • Methods such as National Change of Address (NCOA) are available for
     nominal fees.
   • If you build a database, use separate fields for each piece of information
   • If you rent/buy a list, use a reputable source.

Mailpiece Design for the lowest Postage Rate:
   • Allow a min of 4 inches in length of white space for address and barcode placement.
   • Mail should be rectangular not square.
   • Design so the fold is at the bottom, to avoid use of additional wafer seals.
   • Use the envelope to emphasize your message:
     add a teaser or incorporate graphics.
   • For flat size mail, mail panel must be in upper half
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