At DMS every project is unique and we work with each client to meet, and hopefully exceed their needs…

Direct Mail Preparation

DMS Mail Services—your connection to save $$ in postage and save you time and headaches. Believers know Direct Mail works and our clients know DMS delivers.

We can help to deliver your message t

  • Promote sales
  • Solicit for donations
  • Invite to event
  • Register for classes

Everyone has a mail box and it is a great way to reach your target audience.
But it’s so much work…not for DMS

Our Mailing Automation Equipment includes ink jet machines, Inserters, Folding machines, Tabbing & Stamp affixing machines, Strapping Machines, Sealing Machines, Meter Machines—help to make your projects get done faster—and faster means less cost for our time, less expense to you.

But it’s complicated…not for DMS—we’ve learned the ropes over the years

To save money in postage cost you have to know the rules and meet postal guidelines—and there are lots of guidelines. DMS is a trusted mail service provider with the US Postal Service. We know the rules…we follow the rules and your jobs get mailed at discounted rates!


Self-mailing Cards are one of the most economical ways to reach your audience

Personalized letters help to increase response rates

There are options for envelopes that will get noticed in the mail

Custom Printing

DMS Printing –your connection to getting your materials produced
Anything from black and white copies to full color Banners

In addition to our on-site print production we have established relationships to printers all over the area and can provide what you need for your mailing campaign—such as perforated letter shells, reply envelopes and buck slips special event—save the date cards, invitation, reply card, reply envelopes quarterly newsletter—saddle stitched, folded, remittance envelope inserted.

Your project is unique and special and we can help you to get the printed materials that will positively reflect your organization and meet your budget.

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Brochures w tear off cards

Mailing Lists

Your connection to reaching your target audience

Success for any campaign—direct mail or email—depends on the list and being sure you are reaching the right target audience. If you have a developed list, DMS can help you to identify those that have moved, or addresses that are incomplete. Our software standardizes your list to meet postal standards.

Don’t have a list? No Problem! We can help you to obtain a list of individuals or businesses that are ideal prospects.
You can Target your audience by:

  • Geography– carrier route, zip, city, county, MSA, state, region or by Radius
  • Household information –age, income, homeowner vs renter, home value, presence of children, presence of seniors, length of residence
  • Individual information such as DOB, occupation, net worth, ethnicity, religion
  • Home dwelling information such as home purchase date, available home equity
  • Interests or hobbies
  • Credit & buying activity
  • Health
  • Life stages, such as recently moved, married or new parent
  • Vehicle information such as make and year
  • Occupant data, all households and/or businesses with mailing addresses—starts 1 cent per record
    Consumer Databases, starts at 3 cents per record
  • Business Data– Sort by Employee size, sales volume, SIC (industry classification), contact names, titles, starts at 6 cents per record
  • Specialty Lists such as New Movers, New Homeowners, Property Data, Professionals: nurses, engineers, physicians, attorneys, teachers, young professionals, Business emails by job function

Some examples include

  • high net worth individuals
  • businesses with 35+ employees and 5 million+ in sales
  • Females age 25-47 who own dogs
  • households with children in the 7th grade?

WE can help you!
What are your list or data needs?