Post Card vs. Self Mailing Card

postcard dimensions for USPS

There is always a lot of confusion cards used for mailings.

postcard dimensions for USPSA postcard is treated as first class mail, so delivery is 1-2 business days. Postage for a single postcard is 35 cents each. We can presort your data and prepare postcards to get that postage as low as 26 cents each. Because of the smaller size, the thickness of the card is 7 pts, usually 80 lb cover stock works

Now if you need more room to show pictures and convey your message, you can print a bigger card…as large as 6 x 11. But since it is larger it has to be on thicker paper stock so it doesn’t get caught in the postal machinery, generally we use 100 lb cover.

Gloss coating usually works well for heavy ink coverage…

Self-Mailer Card Dimensions

Now if you were to mail the larger card to a minimum of 200 addresses we can prepare at marketing mail rates which are approx. 22 cents for local addresses. Marketing mail can take longer to reach mail boxes, anywhere from 3-14 business days.

So, it comes down to time (and or space) vs money.