Case Studies

Monroeville Parks and Recreation Department offers a wide array of fun and educational offerings to its residents—enough to fill 16 pages of 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper! They tried to buy space in local publications but cost and timelines were obstacles.

With a specific budgeted amount, DMS created and designed a template for a self-mailing booklet, printing in 2-color to save money. Each quarter DMS pulls a list of residents for the Monroeville municipality and the piece is mailed at saturation rates—the lowest possible postage cost.



Tom Gold Dance in NYC hired a former client of DMS as their new Executive Director and he wanted to continue the working relationship. It became clear that the dance company, although a registered nonprofit organization with the IRS had never pursued obtaining the approval to MAIL as a nonprofit through the USPS.

With DMS’ help, the application and the supporting documents were provided to the USPS and nonprofit mail status was achieved—just in time for a very large mailing. Mailing as a nonprofit saved TGD  $1100 in postage cost!