Direct Mailing Services

DMS Mail Services—your connection to save $$ in postage and save you time and headaches

We can help to deliver your message to

  • Promote sales
  • Solicit for donations
  • Invite to event
  • Register for classes

Everyone has a mail box and it is a great way to reach your target audience.
But it’s so much work…not for DMS

Our Mailing Automation Equipment includes ink jet machines, Inserters, Folding machines, Tabbing & Stamp affixing machines, Strapping Machines, Sealing Machines, Meter Machines—help to make your projects get done faster—and faster means less cost for our time, less expense to you.

But it’s complicated…not for DMS—we’ve learned the ropes over the years

To save money in postage cost you have to know the rules and meet postal guidelines—and there are lots of guidelines. DMS is a trusted mail service provider with the US Postal Service. We know the rules…we follow the rules and your jobs get mailed at discounted rates!