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Document Management Solutions

With our updated, high-speed, high- quality equipment we can output any type of document you need produced.

And, of course, our experienced mailroom personnel pay attention to the detail of match, insert, seal and mail -- with 100% accuracy.

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Data Manipulation Solutions

The DMS data department consists of the highly qualified data professionals — having migrated from CDS — Computer Data Services. The most complex address files can be manipulated for optimal mail performance.

Rest assured that our data department can prepare your data for the best possible mailing.

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Digital Marketing Services

Direct mail has evolved….and migrated into the Online realm.

We can help you to reach your target audience not only in their postal mail box but also in their EMAIL box or ONLINE as they search the internet.

We can help you can build and enhance your email marketing efforts.

DMS can print all your marketing pieces

The Power of Touch

Sappi North America, provider of fine papers for printing invested deeply to investigate the power of ink on paper and found… WHAT WE TOUCH SHAPES WHAT WE FEEL. TOUCH CAN ALSO SHAPE WHAT WE KNOW Neuroscientists, psychologists, and other researchers have looked at how people interact with paper, comparing it to their interactions with other… (Read the full article…)

Change of Address Updating

It is estimated that 40 million Americans move each year and that 8% of all mail is undeliverable because of incorrect addresses. Because undeliverable mail presents a strain to the USPS, the post office requires that discounted mail (such as bulk mailings) make efforts to have the correct address or use alternative addressing, such as… (Read the full article…)

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From our Satisfied Customers

I have been working with DMS/Darci for almost a decade, first at a previous position with another organization and now with my current company, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CEC), since I started here in 2012.  CEC relies on DMS for an array of direct mail pieces, letters with complex addressing requirements, and collateral.  We frequently make last-minute requests, have non-traditional needs, and send numerous projects simultaneously.  Darci always responds quickly and finds a way to get us what we need.  I trust her.  Plus, she always asks about how I’m doing and she’s a joy to work with.  It’s nice to have a personal connection when it comes to projects that are critical to our communications efforts.

Emily C., CEC May 25, 2018

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