Adding Barcode to reply envelope saves postage

RMU reply env
Reply vehicles must be automation compatible in order to get lowest postage rate in your mailings

A client who was planning an event for prospective PhD students asked me to attain a list of people who had completed graduate school, worked in military or technical/professional professions, and lived in the DC area.

Upon reviewing their invitation package, I noticed the reply envelope did not have an automation barcode (which corresponds to the reply address) or the FIM bars.  I made a visit to the postal service website and obtained the barcode artwork and provided to the printer.

By adding the barcode to the reply envelope helped to save them approx $700 on a 35,000 piece mailing.

The difference is approx 2 cents if your reply envelope or card, is not automation compatible.

Postage savings equals mail prep

It wasn’t a typical client call–a distinguished attorney, asking for help to get a summons and complaint out to approx 1000 individuals.

Lasering the letter, outputting, the copies, inserting, addressing the envelopes–costs were gathered.

What is interesting is that the savings we as mail house could offer–1st Class Presorted, flat size, large envelope, with automation, 9 oz weight–was $400 vs go straight first class.  The postage savings was approx what the mail prep cost was.  No Brainer….

Variable Digital Print vs. Offset Print & Ink Jet address

Digital printing–full color is best for short run, i.e. smaller quantity print projects

Adding Variable –personalized or unique for each piece has been a hotbed of print sales recently

But the costs have to be considered…

–My client had a series of 3 cards that he wanted to send to the same list of people:  3 Lots 1000 each

So should I have the cards printed and addressed at the same time–Variable data, digital print–Cost:  $384/card x 3 = $1152

or print 3 lots of cards; then ink jet each card with the addresses–Cost:  $540 print for all 3 cards + $375 for mail prep = $915

Postage –the same for either option